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Does the Schlage LiNK system require monitoring?

If I purchase the Schlage LiNK system, do I also have to pay a monthly fee for monitoring or would I be able to monitor it on my own computer?

To be able to use the web features and text messaging benefits of the Schlage LiNK system you would need to subscribe to

the monitoring service. The Monthly fee is $8.99/mo. The Secure Schlage Link service makes it possible for you to lock/unlock your door remotely, Monitor & Change your thermostat temp and control lights with the light module and monitor your Camera remotely.

With out the Schlage LiNK service the door knob and deadbolts would function like a non-web-enabled electronic keypad. Meaning you can only lock and unlock them while physically standing at the door. You would not be able to do any of the remote monitoring of your home, or receive any text messages when doors are opened.