Schlage Nexia Deadbolt Starter Kit Camelot Collection

619 Satin Nickel
SKU: BE369GR 619
Brand: Schlage
price:   $119.99


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Convenient keyless access.
No keys to hide or loose.
Locks can be re-keyed to match existing locks.
10,000 user code combinations.

  • Grant entry to your home from anywhere when you need to let someone in but can’t get there. You can activate your wireless lock from your Nexia subscription.
  • Assign up to 19 private four-digit codes for family members to use at the door.
  • Set Nexia to send you instant text or email alerts when certain family members use their codes, so you always know who’s home.
  • Set a recurring code to let someone like a housekeeper in every week during a specific timeframe, or set up a one-time code for a guest you want to let in for a set time period.
  • Add, delete or change user codes remotely.
  • Confirm the status of your wireless lock anytime, from most web-connected computers, tablets or smart phones.
  • Up to three years of battery life
  • A Nexia product that blends easily into your smart home system
  • Shows you battery level at the lock and online using your Nexia subscription
  • Simple installation and setup—easy for non do-it-yourselfers, too
  • Paired with the Nexia Bridge, you’ll be connected quickly
  • Non-wearing keypad, lighted for nighttime use
  • $8/mo monitoring service is required to enable full Nexia home automation functionality.
Remotely check the status of your lock and grant entry to your home with Schlage Nexia web and mobile interface.
Set temporary codes from your internet-enabled cell phone and receive messages alerts when the lock is accessed.
Starter kit includes everything you need to get setup: Schalge Wireless Keypad Deadbolt, Schlage Bridge, and Schlage Light Module

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