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How do I get my new hardware key'd to match my existing hardware?

There are two ways to get your new hardware key’d to match your existing hardware

1) Provide us with your key “code” This is the 5 to 6 digit code that is stamped on your original keys. When you select your new hardware, be sure to indicate it as “Key’d Alike” when you place it in your cart.

Finally when you view your cart enter this comment in the Special instructions

Please key to 123456

(replace 123456 with your actual code)

2) If you do not have your key code handy, you can also mail us your key and we will match your existing locks to it.
Add all your new hardware to your cart, and put this in the special instructions.

Please hold order and key to existing hardware key, which is on the way.

Then mail the key to us

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Attn: Mark
924 13th Street
West Des Moines, IA  50265

Please keep in mind, we can only key new hardware to existing Schlage and Dexter hardware.

Author: Eric A.
How quickly can you turn around a custom key order?
Author: Admin
Custom keying does not effect the order time. The only additional delay will be the time it takes for your key to be received by us once you put it in the mail.